Learn Film Acting

LearnFilmActing.com Program

What is the Learn Film Acting project?

Hands-on training for film crew and actors. If you want to look believable in front of a camera, or to understand the many different aspects that go into proper film production, we are offering you an opportunity to learn both.

Why take a film acting class?

Film acting is a subtle art. It will fine tune many of your life and social skills to the point where you will have raised many of the aspects that make you liked and admired to a level frankly not possible otherwise. You will have a chance to practice in front of a camera, and as you build your skills, you will build your reel. By the time we're done with you, there will be nothing to stop you from working in films or commercials.

Will I learn how to make a film?

Yes. Not from books, not from online distant courses, but literally hands-on; you will understand cameras, sound, lenses, lights, drama, movement, teamwork, location scouting, shooting, editing, all in the process of writing a script and breaking it down. We save you years of apprenticeship.

What makes this course unique?

You cannot make a movie alone. Here you will bond with a team while honing both your acting and camera skills. You are free to work on your own as you wish, but anytime you need crew and actors, as long as you remain a member in good standing, we are here for you.

Classes currently available in CT only!

Do you live in Connecticut and want to be an actor or filmmaker?
Look no further. Join a team of like-minded individuals and make it happen. All you have to do is show up. We don't give you a course, we give you a career. We give you character and confidence. We give you experience. You get it all and you build your reel at the same time.

Acting Class
We have synthesized a powerful course from over 40 of the best acting books ever published. Your hands-on practice is state of the art. During breaks you get to relax and watch the Nina Foch method as taught by the great master herself at UFC during her 40 year teaching career.

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Directing Class
Before you get to sit down and yell "action", you need to understand drama, composition, lighting, cameras, sound, editing, motion, and how they all work together. As a bonus you will learn how to work with actors and crews, and to take many turns in every member's skin.

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Casting: the key to success

We have fun together, but when paid work comes in, WE CALL YOU!.

In addition to being part of a team that shares the same interests, we also share the work. No worthwhile project can be done alone, and no serious client awards an important project to a video maker without a crew and with no actors, but together as a team, we can tackle almost any project. We also work closely with other agencies, and we keep them updated of the talent we have available among our members. You may get your first paid gig through us!

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Film music

  • Sample 1: cinema score
  • Sample 2: popcorn
  • Sample 3: echoes
  • We produce our own powerful soundtracks in house. Imagine quality cinematics (with you behind or in front of the camera) and a Hollywood quality music score. If you're still working on your reel, this is the place to get it done. Really.

Received an invitation?

This is your chance to showcase your business in your very own Hollywood quality commercial, music video or short film.

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An invitation is only valid for the individual or company who received it directly from us. If you need an exception, please call 646-402-5225.

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8901 Marmora Road,
Glasgow, D04 89GR
Telephone: +1 959 603 6035
FAX: +1 458 889 9898
E-mail: mail@demolink.org

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